Cottages & Bungalows Feb/Mar 2021

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About the Magazine

What is a Dream Cottage? It’s anything you’d like it to be!

In this bright and cheery issue, we hope to give you a lift towards imagining and creating your own version of dreamy .

We’ve included everything from a frat house turned beach abode for a multi-generational family designed by Mindy Laven, to homes ravaged by hurricanes,  and renewed to an even better than before state.

We’re also proud to fully reveal the Project House 2020 by Scissortail Homes with interior design by Pencil Shavings in Carlton Landing, OK. A collaboration with our sister publication, American Farmhouse Style, along with many generous sponsors, it’s a sight to behold.

We also visit a cozy Women’s Retreat in honor of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago , designed by Andrea Goldman.

Plus, our new 2021 Brand Ambassador, Toni Mogensen, styles a vintage depression glass jar in a variety of ways, we visit the gorgeous country home of social media influencer, Deborah McDonald, and we bring you the fanciful textile handiwork of artist Viv Sliwka.